Not Enough


When you think you’ve given all you can

Try to find a little bit more

To help the lot of your fellow man

Because we’ll always have the poor


Be it poor in spirit, money or health

There are those worse off than you

Sharing succour, if not your wealth

Is an act of humanity too


And don’t confuse the poor and needy

With idle hands or mind

Not all that need are lazy and greedy

When you’ve capacity to be kind


For Mother’s Day



What price would you put on a mother’s care?

For without your Mum, you wouldn’t be here

All helpless at birth, you arrived on this earth

Drawing your first breath of air


More work began then, for your dear Ma

If she was lucky, she was helped by Pa

Mum cleaned and fed, she made your bed

Loving you just as you are


Safe in her arms, the world held at bay

Teaching and nurturing you every day

You’d struggle to thrive, or even survive

Without her to show you the way


Think now how it was for her in that past

Back in a time that could not last

Mum did her best, she passed every test

As she watched you grow up, just too fast