The Perfect Dad

I know I’m not a perfect dad

At times I drive my children mad

Perhaps my faults were always there

Pointed out, they are now clear


Gone is the need to care so much

For each child’s welfare, health and such

Guiding in the social mores

Without setting many chores


To feed and clothe without concern

That they give something in return

To ply with love, support and care

And show them it’s OK to dare


Providing every chance to see

The very best that they might be

Become the adult I am not

I tried to give it my best shot


The final test of fatherhood;

I hadn’t really understood

When adult, can each child respect

Dad’s are flawed and seldom perfect?


Forming Opinions

If opinion is divided,

Consensus not in sight.

Head and heart may disagree,

But both cannot be right


Bring to bear one measure;

The final acid test.

Belief can be convincing,

But evidence is best.