Out In The Mid-Day Sun

Some were there after WW2

Austerity was nothing new

Great Britain proud, but so weak

Hadn’t turned the other cheek

For more than one tough decade

Independence; much overplayed

Struggling both, at home and abroad

Separatism, seriously flawed

Political and economic grip

Lay in a hard-won partnership

‘Sick man of Europe’ would be no more

The UK climbed back off the floor

But was the final cost too great

For some in these islands state?

Ill-considered; this last ‘one man stand’

Sad cherished, misguided; my homeland

Where statesmen in our hour of need?

With sager counsel the mass to lead

A decrepit Mini; no shiny Rolls Royce

This ‘deal’ cannot be anyone’s choice

The Struggle to Understand

To raise and flatten mountains

To fill and dry up seas

To choose when each leaf lifts

On a softly stirring breeze


To mark the fleeting eons

Yet dictate a cell’s decay

To hold the world in orbit

Spinning to pass the day


Power wrought by nature

No conscience or regrets

Entropy increases

Obeying laws it sets


Is this universal

Across worlds we cannot see?

Begs another question

How can all this be?