Things to be done on a mobile phone


Speak to someone on the other side of the planet….


Who is 12 hours into your future or past.


Keep abreast of the latest world news and celebrity gossip….


From the top of a moving bus.


Know the latest ill-considered thought of a world leader….


Whilst sitting on the loo.


Find and buy almost anything….


Including things you can’t afford,


Encounter racist/sexist bigotry….


In your own living room.


Lose a fortune on 24/7 gaming sites….


Under the influence of alcohol.


Know which celestial objects are overhead….


By day or through cloudy skies.


Find a route to an unfamiliar destination….


Without knowing which street you are on.


Gain or drop friends on social networking sites….


Regretting it the next day.


Look up the definition of unknown words….


Without needing to know how to spell them.


Deny yourself the freedom to switch off….


In case you miss something.


Desert Island Luxury


In case stranded on a small desert island

Perhaps I should make advance plans

I’ll need a way to find some fresh water

And should think now about stockpiling cans


All alone, I’ll need a good hobby

So won’t come to the end of my tether

I’ll learn how to rub sticks to make fire

And build a roof to protect from poor weather


But the luxury I must have at all costs

Isn’t clothing, so I’ve no chance to freeze

It’s a supply of what I love eating

Yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m talking of cheese


Cheshire is nice when it’s crumbly

Blue stilton packs a bit of a punch

Brie is for faint-hearted softies

Survivors eat Cheddar for lunch