Interesting noises

img_3101via Daily Prompt: Heard

Some of these you may have heard:

Abacuses adding, babies breathing, clams closing, diners drinking, examples explaining, feathers flying, gates gaping, horns hooting, images illuminating, jesters joking, knitters knotting, laughter lifting, machines making, noise nagging, options opening, people partying, questions querying, ramblers roaming, snowflakes settling, time travelling, umbrellas unfurling, voices vocalising, wind whistling, xenagogues explaining, yaks yawning, zephyrs zigzagging


via Daily Prompt: Lovingly


Nine months gone, labour begun

Pain and panting through gritted teeth

Pushing, urging, willing, wanting

Baby from its muscled sheath


A boy, a girl, it doesn’t matter

But let it be healthy, ready for life

Bear down now, it’s nearly here

Comforting words, from the midwife


One more push, I can see the head

Arms and shoulders make their way through

Baby’s out, crying for mummy

Wait just a second, we’ll pass him to you


A magical moment, as mum takes the child

Wrapped in a blanket, content as can be

Mother and son begin a new journey

Held to the breast, lovingly