One’s Lot

Pain and suffering

Misery, fear

Common hardships

Many must bear


Though some exist

Without such woes

Not mindful how

For others, it goes


But all will know

They share equal fate

When time is up

On that future date


What if, then,

Each gets their due

And what lies in store

Is all up to you?


If not so, fine!

Carry on as before

No need for insurance

Unless you’re not sure

If not this, what?

The rising sun and beating heart

Embracing lovers, soon to part

A furry friend, a solid rock

Hands marking time upon a clock


Tasting coffee, fresh from the bean

A peaceful moonlit landscape scene

Violent storm-tossed crashing seas

Gently humming honey bees


Are these and more as they seem to be,

If we each experience them differently?

Is life a dream, or is it real?

Do we know the answer, because we feel?

Not Enough


When you think you’ve given all you can

Try to find a little bit more

To help the lot of your fellow man

Because we’ll always have the poor


Be it poor in spirit, money or health

There are those worse off than you

Sharing succour, if not your wealth

Is an act of humanity too


And don’t confuse the poor and needy

With idle hands or mind

Not all that need are lazy and greedy

When you’ve capacity to be kind