Testy Times, Random Rhymes


If, like me and many others, you are trying to make sense of your existence, you may have tried putting some thoughts on paper, if only to review these at a later date. I have done so in the form of verses; several of which I recognise as trivial, most as weak poetically, but all as personally cathartic in some way. In a sense, taken chronologically, they do serve as a form of “ship’s log” of my emotional journey through later life, trying to reconcile conflicting expectations and experiences.

If the verses chime with you in some way, or if you feel the need to challenge what may seem to be unfounded assumptions or prejudice, please feel free to comment. It may help me to make better sense of the world, or at least keep in touch with a wider range of views of those in it.


PS If you have wondered , ‘Why the pen name ‘philobility’? It is a merger of philosophy and probability .


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2 thoughts on “Testy Times, Random Rhymes

  1. Leaving celebrity
    Coming home from holiday
    My jet in an awful lag
    Unpacked and realising
    There is washing in every bag

    Lie down and try resting
    But sleep me just evades
    It’s 3 o’clock in the morning
    And my breakfast is what I crave.

    The lump next to me snoring
    Down to the kitchen I go
    I try some conversation
    But the dog don’t want to know.

    Now at 730
    My body is in shock
    It just can’t get going
    That wretched body clock

    We met some lovely people
    We hope to keep in touch
    So for your lively company
    Thank you very much
    Not up to your standard but the sentiment is true.


    • Hi Both

      Have just revisited this and thought of how much we enjoyed your company. How things have changed. Hope you and yours are keeping well.

      Best regards Roger and Melinda xxx


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