I’ve reached that point, where all that matters

Is a warm and sunny day

Too often does cold, take bitter hold

And gnaw at my bones like decay


When the sun shines, there is some release

From the prison that is my home

I then struggle out, without a clout

With freedom, at last, to roam


On winter days, so short and cold

The four walls close in as a vice

Listening aghast, to the weather forecast

Promising snow and ice


Bed is sanctuary, where shivers subside

Though my nose asks for cover too

Like Oates to Scott, I know I’m facing my lot

When I briefly pop out to the loo


If this land goes to hell, in the proverbial handcart

For the young, I’d feel sorrow in large measure

It isn’t all sad; there’ll be one thing not bad

The heat I’ll enjoy with great pleasure

BBC Anticlockwise Forecast for Seas around the British Isles

Thames, Humber, German Bight;

Fog remaining overnight

Fisher, Dogger, Tyne and Forth;

Strong winds abating from the north


Stormy soon in Cromarty and Viking

Continued, rapid lightning striking

Further west to north Fair Isle;

Visibility steady at over one mile


More north west in the Faeroes

Pressure falling; a strong gale blows

Contrast this south west in Bailey

Pressure is increasing daily


For those south east in Hebrides

Expect to sail on heavy seas

In Malin and nearby Rockall

Westerly blizzards are to fall


Further south into Shannon

Blasting winds like cannon

Calmer waters in Fastnet

Should provide a safer bet


Expected shortly across Lundy

A high of 1050; Sunday

Storm force 10, now in Sole

Building 11, on the whole


Further south across Fitzroy

Sunny spells to enjoy

But further east, in Biscay

Rougher seas and blowing spray


Plymouth, Portland, Wight and Dover

Temperatures rising, hurricane over

This concludes today’s forecast

Dear Auntie Beeb, may it long last

It Could be Worse

Despite the fuss on the national news

Last week’s earthquake brought hardly a bruise

Barely enough to make walls shake

But ‘quakes elsewhere, leave deaths in their wake


Classed as ‘light’; Richter 4.4

Even more slight than in ’84

When we swept up the kids and ran outside

If the earth moves, there’s nowhere to hide


Now, it seems, we’ve another ‘grave’ threat

The ‘beast from the east’, a new cause to fret

A Siberian blast, bringing snow and ice

At -5C, the Beeb says it won’t be nice


But some can recall the freeze of ’82

When staying outdoors wasn’t good for you

At -26C, that really was cold

It killed by degrees, especially the old.

Seasons Passing

2001-02-02-00h49m41As silent frosts and gentle snow

Bid ‘sleep still’ to plants below

Winds at shivering branches tear

Threatening any that above ground dare


Icy cold, seeds wait their turn

To know what fate they are to learn

When Winter deigns to loose its grasp

As feeble shoots feint sunlight clasp


Then urgent as the days grow longer

Frenzied growth forever stronger

Through warming soil, tendrils searching

Stalk and leaves now skyward lurching


Green hued cells their magic weave

Creating starch, apart do cleave

In answer to Spring’s gleeful call

Across the earth new life will sprawl


‘Till basking in our young star’s rays

Countless flowers their heads do raise

Grasses nod, caressing the breeze

Pollen gathered by dutiful bees


The Summer months bring endless days

Fields, gardens, pastures, bright-cloaked in haze

With lengthening shadows soon to cast

The signal that this cannot last


Ripening fruits fill hedge and vine

Quick gathered in to make new wine

Nature’s harvest garnered and stored

Planet-bequeathed life-giving hoard


Leaves slowly rust in amber shades

And drop to lie in Autumn glades

A last joyful scent of this year’s roses

Then, once again the cycle closes.