The Normal Distribution

img_2915Nature’s variations are somewhat formal

In mathematical terms, this is quite normal

Populations differ in similar ways

Pleasing to a statistician’s gaze


Organic aspects of our nations

Conform to standard deviations

Few data lie at each extreme

Most in the middle around the mean


Four quartiles cover the distribution

Analysis providing the whole solution

A bell curve puts the facts in order

Arranged beneath a symmetrical border


img_2682We were doing OK with the status quo

My X  made it clear, I didn’t want to go

The papers were counted; it was hard to believe

Most of the voters wanted to leave

If it’s true that strength is found in numbers

This must be one of our biggest blunders

Away from Europe, we’ll have little clout

Struggling for survival, once we are out

The UK union will be the next wreck

Four separate nations on a cosmic speck

Remember When

2000-01-01-00h01m06Every wireless needed a wire

Tin bath in front of a nice coal fire

Always fresh air in the outside loo

Banished the smell when you had a poo


Talking to friends meant knocking on their door

Cold lino on the living room floor

Sharing a bed with a brother or sister

All grown-ups were called Mrs or Mr


Free dinners for the poor at school

Nobody called anything ‘cool’

Being told who’s top of the class

Shilling in the meter for electric and gas


Saturday morning at the local flicks

Warming the bed with heated bricks

Signposts on roads were actually necessary

Contraception was risky; a condom or pessary


Milk and letters were delivered each morn

By people who got up well before dawn

No spitting allowed on the top of the bus

Eating greens must be done without any fuss


Everyone had to amuse themselves

Best done with a book from the library shelves

Ink pens were dipped in a dark blue pot

Each page could be ruined by a single blot


Police and kettles all had whistles

Shaving and shoe brushes with real bristles

Dust bins were collected and never put out

Mess about and you got a clout!

A Gift

img_2949Come marvel and wonder at dawn’s early light

As boldly it brightens to banish the night

A new day that promises fresh chances and hope

To those still alive to share in its scope


For many may not see another new day

When this one is spent and the light goes away

So embrace with some passion each moment we share

Use the day prudently, live it with care.