Sceptred Isles

Most migrants and refugees want a place

Where people won’t judge simply on race

Hearing of isles with tolerance and care

If it was you, wouldn’t you try to go there?


Looking for a better life

Less danger and hardship for family and wife

Not demanding how it must be

Willing to integrate with you and me


Britishness is a frame of mind

From ancient settlers and more recent kind

Our diversity matters, it’s made us great

Different views, productive debate


Working together to create common wealth

Valuing freedoms and national health

Respecting others’ beliefs, and those with none

Recognising arguments aren’t won by the gun


Those who feel this is not for them

Need not remain just to condemn

Perhaps another utopia exists elsewhere

But think on, don’t we have it, right just here?


Why is it that not all can see

This universe exists for me

Plebs and vassals about this earth

None but me have much worth


I am not, as you, run-of-the-mill

But the exception; if you will

Hoi polloi may ever be

A unique status applies to me


Not expected to do my share

Of others’ plight, I need not care

So do your chores, hold open doors

Place my desires above all yours

The Good Guests

When circumstances dictate

That dinner would be nice

Friends soon agree the date

And check you’re happy; twice


The day before arrival

They phone ahead to say

“Are we still OK to visit?

Tomorrow is the day”


At the time they are expected

They knock upon the door

“Hello it’s great to see you.

We’ve brought flowers, wine and more”


They take care not to be too nosy

“Your home’s like a paradise”

Accepting whatever drink is offered

“Can we help with anything?”, twice


Catching up on the latest news

They seem to welcome your advice

Coming up to food time

“Do you need a hand at all?”; twice


Eating the fare provided

They praise the cooking, lots

“We don’t know how you do it”

Rising to clear away the pots


Long before it gets ‘awkward’

You’re waving  ‘goodbye’ in a trice

“You really are the perfect hosts”

They say with meaning ; twice


Only the brave or foolish offer opinions

Like beliefs, they are best kept to oneself;

Even when asked about them


No purpose is served by sharing them

They find merit only with those of like mind;

Who do not need convincing


For all others, they invite challenge to some orthodoxy

Sleeping dogs, best left to lie

In the midday sun!