Before and Now

Our children, careless, scarce believe

Both parent’s will did them conceive

Each issue’s vista from first breath

Oft egocentric until death


What can they know of parents’ stories

As bravely forsaking social mores

We too railed ‘gainst the status quo

Lending ears to ideas to help them grow


Eyes that witnessed joy and pain

Hearts moved by emotions once arcane

Lips caressed by loved one’s kisses

Memories; poignant reminisces


Young see us aged by endless days

Of striving and caring in myriad ways

now dull, shame-wearied and resigned

seeking only security and peace of mind


Feint shadows linger o’er spent youth

Pleading we weren’t always long in tooth

A footprint left on shifting sand

Few words bequeathed to understand


Late lithe bodies, locked in sepia prints

Ravaged by aches; showing other hints

That time must come when, cold as stone

We’ll leave our progeny all alone


Listening for echoes on the breeze

Distant reflections, stirring unease

Looking to new born, if fate has deemed

Now knowing we were more than once we seemed.

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