Breakfast for the Cats

2008-05-06-06h40m13The pleasure of knowing each new morn

Two friends await us with the dawn

They show their needs in unique ways

Though constant as the passing days


One grey, one brown, they wait their food

But differently they show their mood

The brown one ready beside the door

Crying for a meal from the kitchen floor


The grey one stretches away her aches

Before she saunters and partakes

In new chosen packet meat

Both will have as a breakfast treat


The brown one gobbles her food whole

Then eagerly eyes the other’s bowl

With steady nerve she waits close by

To see what morsels still will lie


When the grey one deigns to move

With a backward glance to disapprove

As her runt sister, still thin as a rake

Steals grey’s left overs in her wake


But grey doesn’t have need to fight

She knows that hunger pangs will never bite

More food will come again quite soon

Brownie’s cry for more won’t wait ‘til noon!

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