Seasons Passing

2001-02-02-00h49m41As silent frosts and gentle snow

Bid ‘sleep still’ to plants below

Winds at shivering branches tear

Threatening any that above ground dare


Icy cold, seeds wait their turn

To know what fate they are to learn

When Winter deigns to loose its grasp

As feeble shoots feint sunlight clasp


Then urgent as the days grow longer

Frenzied growth forever stronger

Through warming soil, tendrils searching

Stalk and leaves now skyward lurching


Green hued cells their magic weave

Creating starch, apart do cleave

In answer to Spring’s gleeful call

Across the earth new life will sprawl


‘Till basking in our young star’s rays

Countless flowers their heads do raise

Grasses nod, caressing the breeze

Pollen gathered by dutiful bees


The Summer months bring endless days

Fields, gardens, pastures, bright-cloaked in haze

With lengthening shadows soon to cast

The signal that this cannot last


Ripening fruits fill hedge and vine

Quick gathered in to make new wine

Nature’s harvest garnered and stored

Planet-bequeathed life-giving hoard


Leaves slowly rust in amber shades

And drop to lie in Autumn glades

A last joyful scent of this year’s roses

Then, once again the cycle closes.

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