A Worker at Collectoroo

Shortly after dawn lights the morning sky

She heads for the briefing area

The eager excitement from those nearby

Buzzes almost with hysteria

The all-important info is passed on

The prime locations and routes

Today will be just one more marathon

The fastest will win the fruits

She sets off with others without delay

Racing, dodging the traffic

A thousand places to visit this day

Marked in her mind’s topographic

The first stop isn’t too far away

She picks up the package and moves on

More is needed to earn her pay

Today’s work barely begun

Stop after stop, tirelessly she weaves

Stashing more precious cargo

Mindless of the weight she heaves

Lunch she will need to forego

At last she knows she must head back

Her legs struggle to carry more grains

She lands at the hive with a full pollen sack

Sweet nectar the reward for her pains

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