dscf0773Life’s no rehearsal

That’s what they say

So enjoy life together

Each precious day


Share common pleasures

Work as a pair

Don’t waste a moment

Laugh without care


For soon it’ll be over

The time will have come

With no final chances

For any more fun


But know that you’re lucky

To hold someone dear

And don’t practise now

For when they’re not there.

Grown Old


Look at my wrinkled hand

It wasn’t like that before

Why are my knees hurting so

When I get up to answer the door


Why do I feel so tired these days

I’ll be better when I’ve had a nap

Turn on the telly, if you please

But I bet it’s all going to be crap


What day is this and who are you

I don’t recognise anyone now

Childhood memories are crystal clear

But yesterday’s not there anyhow.

The Sunny Smile

When did she lose that sunny smile

It’s not been there for quite a while

It was there each and every day

Bright and cheerful at work and play


It used to make my own heart soar

The luckiest chap I knew for sure

I could forget my former life

With such a person as my wife


My love has grown with every dawn

A giant oak from a small acorn

I make a point to tell her so

It is important for her to know


Her faults are small and fewer than mine

But need pointing out, if she is to be fine

By making a few imperceptible tweaks

She could enhance those rosy cheeks


In that way she would then be perfect

But telling her so has the wrong effect

She rails against each gentle hint

With dulling eyes that have no glint


Oh why can she not take some note

Instead of becoming more remote

And smile for me as she did before

Alas, it makes my poor heart so sore.