A Gift

img_2949Come marvel and wonder at dawn’s early light

As boldly it brightens to banish the night

A new day that promises fresh chances and hope

To those still alive to share in its scope


For many may not see another new day

When this one is spent and the light goes away

So embrace with some passion each moment we share

Use the day prudently, live it with care.


dscf0773Life’s no rehearsal

That’s what they say

So enjoy life together

Each precious day


Share common pleasures

Work as a pair

Don’t waste a moment

Laugh without care


For soon it’ll be over

The time will have come

With no final chances

For any more fun


But know that you’re lucky

To hold someone dear

And don’t practise now

For when they’re not there.

Last Resort

img_0385How dare you tell me what to do

Can’t you see I am full grown

You think you know what’s best for me

I can manage on my own


You can’t be right all the time

You’ve ruled the roost too long

Why should I follow your advice

I’m not dancing to that song


I will do what I want to do

And make up my own mind

I don’t need your help these days

Hush please, if you’d be so kind


If I’m in a bind, I’ll sort it out

By giving it plenty of thought

Then, if and when, I’ve tried but failed

You’ll be my last resort.

Grown Old


Look at my wrinkled hand

It wasn’t like that before

Why are my knees hurting so

When I get up to answer the door


Why do I feel so tired these days

I’ll be better when I’ve had a nap

Turn on the telly, if you please

But I bet it’s all going to be crap


What day is this and who are you

I don’t recognise anyone now

Childhood memories are crystal clear

But yesterday’s not there anyhow.

The Gone-child

rls_03-09-2002_0388Fresh talc and terry-towelling smell

Rhymes and stories longing to tell

Spotting that very first baby tooth

Eyes searching mine for some loving truth


Lighting one candle on the birthday cake

Leisurely walks around the park lake

Holding hands and showing I care

Talking of others, no longer here


Laughing at furrows on my ageing brow

Answering questions about why and how

Forbidden sweets shared when none can see

Just coming round for Sunday tea


Don’t ask which of these pleasures I miss the most

For none are matters about which I can boast

And, knowing these things might never be

I must miss them all, but secretly.