I blame the schools for letting us down

Didn’t learn us right in this crummy town

Just bin sent home early for being a lout

But me mam’ll go up to sort them out


Me dad says discipline’s well gone to pot

In his day teachers earned the respect they got

When he got the cane for acting the fool

His dad added a clout, supporting the school


They reckon my teachers could have tried a lot more

To make me sit still in wonder and awe

But they can’t compare to a console game

Their boring book-learning all seems so tame


Me dad doesn’t work and me mam’s just the same

Getting money from Social is their only real aim

But this government’s tight giving its cash away

Surely they can afford a better day’s pay


Our satellite dish is ready for the bin

Can’t upgrade my mobile on what’s coming in

Why shouldn’t we get what others have got

If we came from abroad we’d be given the lot


I’m off down the pub to meet with me mates

Then hook up with Tatum round the park gates

She’ll beg for a cuddle and I’ll sure give her one

The damage is done, she’s three months gone


We’ve talked to the council about a new flat

But the girl in the office is really a prat

She says we must wait or save for some rent

If she had her way, we’d sleep in a tent


We’ll move in with Mam, if all else fails

But she moans like hell, says I’ve gone off the rails

It’s not my fault we can’t make our own way

I blame the system, at the end of the day.

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