Freedom To Think

Family loyalty is something that could

Stifle your views, for some greater good

As biased opinions, you need reflect

To show some deference and respect


Our dearest siblings are often the worse

Their forthright views, they gaily rehearse

They’ll tell you straight, because they know best

With ultimate wisdom, they think they are blessed


Of our studied thoughts, they seldom care

And if we can think, they don’t seem aware

But their strong beliefs, we must endure

Just accept their prejudices and politely concur


The broader family can be quite as bad

Aunts, cousins and nephews, driving us mad

They feel that alone they have worked out some truth

And how could we possibly have any disproof


They haughtily assume that the timid relation

Is there to fulfil a particular station

A sounding board merely to nod and repeat

Whilst sitting and learning at the oracle’s feet


Maybe the meek shall inherit the earth

But must we allow fate’s trick of birth

To dictate what we think for fear of offence

Within any family with some common sense.

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