Hope for the Future

Rowan is four months old today

Born into turbulent times

He doesn’t yet know the meaning of play

Or that Grandpa is crazy about rhymes


He knows he is loved and has learned to smile

By watching his mum and his dad

To understand more might take a while

But for now things really aren’t bad


One day he will walk, and also talk

And understand more about life

I just hope by then, I can rest my pen

Knowing he’s part of a world with less strife


Hope neither lends itself to reason

Nor the strictures of the finite

It has little shape but great substance

Which, paradoxically, laughs at Newton’s Laws


Instead, the well it draws from is unfathomably deep

Like quantum particles it can be in more than one place at a time

And, as with dark matter, defies observation and containment

It is, and always will be, ephemeral


None-the-less, all humanity relies upon it daily

Especially so, in times such as these



No Hope

dscf1126Through holocaust and atom bomb yield

Cruelty and war, human nature revealed

Barbaric behaviour must surely cease

And people strive to live in peace


If mortal man holds life too cheap

By his own hand sad fate he’ll reap

Squandering life and every resource

No way found to a better course


The sun cares not for the human plight

It marks each day with its warming light

To our demise all assistance we lend

Our fragile existence we hasten to end..