No Hope

dscf1126Through holocaust and atom bomb yield

Cruelty and war, human nature revealed

Barbaric behaviour must surely cease

And people strive to live in peace


If mortal man holds life too cheap

By his own hand sad fate he’ll reap

Squandering life and every resource

No way found to a better course


The sun cares not for the human plight

It marks each day with its warming light

To our demise all assistance we lend

Our fragile existence we hasten to end..


Corrosive, amber, poison dram

Gnawing at liver’s health

Countless lives gone too soon

Stolen by lies and stealth


I know you well and will not yield

So try best to have your way

Your sirens’ call will fail to lure

I’m sure to win the day


But who can know your secret plan

What tricks you keep in store

To play on poor souls such as I

Who keep coming back for more.

Goodbye Brownie

2010-09-04-16h18m44Gone from our lives, forever

Though we chose the time in the end

Cancer riddled, but still loving

A kindness we hope, old brown friend


Pink liquid death in the vet’s syringe

She went quickly, on Mum’s warm knee

Was it right? We could only hope

To save her from pain and misery


Goodnight good soul in the fresh dug hole

Be at peace, in the garden you loved.