via Daily Prompt: Lovingly


Nine months gone, labour begun

Pain and panting through gritted teeth

Pushing, urging, willing, wanting

Baby from its muscled sheath


A boy, a girl, it doesn’t matter

But let it be healthy, ready for life

Bear down now, it’s nearly here

Comforting words, from the midwife


One more push, I can see the head

Arms and shoulders make their way through

Baby’s out, crying for mummy

Wait just a second, we’ll pass him to you


A magical moment, as mum takes the child

Wrapped in a blanket, content as can be

Mother and son begin a new journey

Held to the breast, lovingly

The Gone-child

rls_03-09-2002_0388Fresh talc and terry-towelling smell

Rhymes and stories longing to tell

Spotting that very first baby tooth

Eyes searching mine for some loving truth


Lighting one candle on the birthday cake

Leisurely walks around the park lake

Holding hands and showing I care

Talking of others, no longer here


Laughing at furrows on my ageing brow

Answering questions about why and how

Forbidden sweets shared when none can see

Just coming round for Sunday tea


Don’t ask which of these pleasures I miss the most

For none are matters about which I can boast

And, knowing these things might never be

I must miss them all, but secretly.

My Love For You

If my love had a weight, no scales could it measure

If my love had a sound, its notes songbirds would treasure

If my love were a scent, no rose could compare

If my love were a number, infinity despair

If my love had a colour, brightest rainbows would pale

If my love were like air, it would roar as a gale

If my love were a taste, it would be of your lips

If my love were a touch, it craves your fingertips

If my love had two wings, it would soar far above

And if my love were a mirror, please let it show love.